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What is Cinea Pro

Cinea Pro is a career management software for film professionals. It organizes your contacts, auditions, jobs, and finances. It helps you make the connections that will propel your career forward.

Created by an actress and filmmaker, it was developed to cater to the unique needs of those in the film industry.

Contact Management

Don't let your professional contacts get buried under hundreds of personal contacts and fans. Keep them separated, front and center in Cinea Pro's contact management system. With one click, view your contact's adresses, social media profiles, emails ... even previous projects that you've worked together on.

Project Management

How many times has that casting director called you in for an audition? Track your auditions and bookings with Cinea Pro and you'll never wonder again. You can even see how many times you've auditioned for projects produced by that person you saw at last week's audition. But wait ... there's more! Track how many auditions you're getting from each headshot and demo reel, as well as how many are from self-submissions versus your agent.

Networking ... Elevated

Fred follows you on social media. Fred is also following that director who you've wanted to work with for years. So you message Fred to ask for an introduction only to find out that Fred has only met that director in passing at an awards ceremony five years ago. Long story short: you didn't get to meet that director and missed out on your dream. Cinea Pro tells you if your contacts know each other and how well, so that you can make more connections.

Finance Tracking

Cinea Pro makes it easy come tax time, with its income and expense tracker. No more, going through that old shoe box of receipts! Whether you just paid for new headshots, or that check for the pilot finally arrived, Cinea Pro keeps it all in one place.

Email Tracking

We've all been there. Actors send out resumes to agents. Writers send out scripts. Filmmakers send out treatments. Then we wait and hope to hear back. With Cinea Pro, you can know if those emails were recieved and opened. With this knowledge, you can target your follow-ups, giving a nudge to those who may have missed the first email or asking for feedback from those who didn't.

Health Scores

If you only touch base with professional contacts every year at the holiday parties, then Cinea Pro's Health Scores were designed for you. Cinea Pro gently reminds you to keep in touch with those people who may have fallen off your radar. Send a card, schedule a lunch, or pick up the phone to keep those relationships healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Yes. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Cinea Pro uses SSL to encrypt data in transit and password encyrption. The database where your data is stored can only be viewed by the Cinea Pro software. Payment information is processed by Stripe and their PCI compliant servers. (Cinea never sees that information.)

Who can use Cinea Pro?

Anyone in the US. The Basic CRM subscription is for anyone who wants to manager their contacts. The Actor CRM has been specialized for the needs of the actor, including Audition and Expense management. A subscription specialized for producers, directors, and casting directors is in the works. In the meantime, anyone in the film industry is encouraged to use the Actor CRM.

Can I use Cinea Pro on my phone or tablet?

Yes. Navigate to the through any mobile browser. A native app for iPhone and Android is planned for release in future versions.

What information is shared between users?

Cinea Pro is a contact relationship manager first and foremost. It is not a social networking site. Accordingly, any data that you add will NOT be shared with other users. Period. Information derived from health scores may be shared with other authorized users, but it will not include any personal details or private data.

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If you're an actor or work in the film industry, the Cinea Pro Actor plan is just for you. If you're outside of the industry or you only want the contact management portion of the software, the Cinea Pro CRM is a budget friendly option.

Cinea Pro CRM


Per Month

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Activities
  • Calendar
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Cinea Pro ACTOR


Per Month

  • Contact Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Calendar
  • E-mail Tracking
  • Contact Health Scores
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Join the interest list!

Cinea Pro will officially launch in January 2019. Join the interest list to be a beta tester and gain access to discounted subscriptions for the first year.