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There is a plan to creativity. It doesn't just happen by chance and anyone who tells you different isn't someone you should trust with your brand's identity. At Boyce-Edwards, we know the plan.

Oliver Bee, Founder

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You may be the best on the planet at what you do, but your next customer doesn't see that until they walk through the door. We'll get them there.

graphic design

Condensing an identity into a single icon, in a way that effectively reaches your customer base and communicates your brand.

web development

Whatever the service you offer, you’ll be first judged not be the proficiency by which you do your job, but by your website.


From your product to your new location or your latest event, the world of your business is waiting to be captured.

digital marketing

The greatest, most creative design isn't enough. Without the online marketing strategy to reach out and show it off.

3D rendering

Bringing your creation into the world starts with envisioning it. We engineer, design and deliver that vision.

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    Brand Development and Website

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    Brand Development and Marketing

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    Logo and App Design

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    Birch Yoga Studio

    Graphic Design and Website

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    Yoga By Lucy

    Graphic Design and Website

    (507) 559-4065
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    Ada Langley

    Medical Brand Design and Website

So what do we do?

Our Process

  • Identify
  • Examine
  • Brand
  • Prestige
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